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Scarlet Blade shutting down
In the rough-and-tumble world of mmo games, nothing lasts forever. Once a game is launched, the countdown to its eventual demise begins ticking. Some games defy the odds and continue to survive a decade or longer, while others fold up their tent within a year. There is a new casualty on the mmo front as Aeria Games has announced the news of Scarlet Blade shutting down.The Scarlet Blade closing down news was announced on the game's forums and ...
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Feb 24 2016


Scarlet Blade tailors having a tough time economically
The Scarlet Blade free mmo is known primarily for its bevy of beautiful female characters that are attempting to fight off an alien invasion. The most notable feature is that all of the female characters are scantily clad. While some people have expressed concern over this lack of attire, there is another surprising group that has become increasingly vocal over the last few months. It seems that the habit of female warriors wearing next to nothin...
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Mar 09 2015
scarlet blade lingerie clubbing
These character optimization options should titillate true blue rpg games fans. Scarlet Blade costumes range from “sultry to outlandish,” according to publisher Aeria Games in a release. Players will also be able to take their favorite looks to battle through the Grafting system, which basically transfers the appearance of one gear to another, as well as lets you hide your current gear in favor of a chosen costume. Scarlet Blade also gets a lit...
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Feb 26 2013
scarlet blade official trailer video
This one-minute official trailer is a sumptuous serving of girl power starring the Scarlet Blade heroines.Beginning with an anime-style sequence and symphony, the video hints us of an impending apocalypse hanging over the Scarlet Blade world. It then shows the shadows of six cryogenically sealed females who awaken to save the day. “Mankind has almost been completely wiped out. On the verge of extinction, the governments of the world turn to ...
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Jan 23 2013