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  • Ryzom: character

    Ryzom: character
    Our magician is just about ready to face the world. Hopefully we can find her some clothes......
    Ryzom: character

    Ryzom: missions

    Ryzom: missions
    Here we can see a list of missions that will be available to me. The ones in red are locked for now. As I level up or complete oth...
    Ryzom: missions

    Ryzom: spells

    Ryzom: spells
    Remember to move your active skills to your top bar. This will let you activate your spells by pushing 1 through 10 on the keyboar...
    Ryzom: spells

    Ryzom: items

    Ryzom: items
    Equip the right items for your class. The dagger is a melee weapon. Gloves will add spell damage to my abilities....
    Ryzom: items

Ryzom Gameplay

Ryzom Gameplay

Ryzom is a free mmorpg, developed and published by Winch Gate. Ryzom game world incorporates both fantasy and sci-fi themes. The planet Atys is one giant tree that supports multiple realms. The inhabitants are 4 humanoid races that live isolated from each other. Deep within Atys roots lives a species of semi intelligent insects called the Kitins. These creatures almost ended human life on Atys. The remaining refugees are forced to work together to ensure survival of their specie and protect themselves from a new threat: the Goo. Atys is not just a planet, it's alive and continuously growing and expanding. This can produce unexpected weather changes and affects gameplay. Ryzom has seasons that bring more than a change in the scenery. Resources will vary depending on the season and mobs will also behave differentially. Some creatures even migrate.

The 4 human races are the playable types in Ryzom mmorpg. Unlike other games, where you might need to start a new character to experience a different role, in Ryzom you can do it with only one character. The skill tree has 4 basic skills: Fight, Magic, Craft, Harvest. Every skill has lots of subskills that unlock as you level up. Maxing a skill is a time consuming job that ends at level 250. On the other hand, once you unlock a skill it will never be unlearned. You can build your Ryzom character any way you like. There's no penalty for investing points into multiple skills. Your actions (spells or abilities) are made of stanzas. Each stanza has its own abilities and cost. The more stanzas you learn the more unique abilities you can create. Crafting is a very important aspect in Ryzom. Some of the most powerful armors and weapons are crafted by players with enough Craft skill. There are two ways to get crafting materials. Some drop from mobs and others are harvested. The Harvest skill plays an important role in the gathering process.

One of the most exciting features in Ryzom rpg are the role play events. Players come up with ideas, share them on forums, discuss and community managers survey the forums for the best ideas. Most role play events are based on what the playerbase wants. The Karavan and the Kamis are the opposing factions in Ryzom. You can get reputation with one of them by completing quests and events. PvP in Ryzom mmorpg is implemented in the form of duels, arenas or open PvP zones. Outposts give rewards to the guild that controls them. You will often see guild versus guild battles in Ryzom. PvP is entirely optional. You are never forced to take part in a PvP event if you don't want too. Just make sure to stay away from the open PvP zones. The Ryzom Ring is an expansion that allows players to create their own scenarios and share them with other players.

By Rachel Rosen

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