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While getting a new vampire mmo, Dogma, being developed is tremendous news, it seems that vampires are not the only thing to rise from the dead. In the past, once an online game was cancelled, the chances of it being brought back are virtually nil. Fans of the much lamented City of Heroes know that pain all to well. One game that I thought to never see again was Rusty Hearts, the dungeon fighter that featured some great action and a healthy dose ...
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Dec 02 2015
Rusty Hearts shutting down September 15th
It's always sad when an mmo ceases to exist, particularly one that I enjoyed playing from time to time. Such is the case today as Perfect World Entertainment announced that Rusty Hearts is shutting down after three years of operation. The final day of the monster-killing game is September 15th.The official Rusty Hearts website broke the news in a post titled "Thanks for the Memories!" and says, "We would like to thank all the fans who helped ...
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Aug 04 2014
five days five mmos Rusty Hearts
No matter how many mmo games that we play, we all occasionally fall into a rut. Normally this occurs when we've been playing our online game of choice for quite some time and it begins to get stale and boring. We log in to do our dailies and that's about it. The spark is gone and we have to almost force ourselves to keep coming back to the game. One method to get our gaming juices flowing again is to try out and play new games on a regular basis....
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Oct 14 2013