Runes of Magic takes us to ant-ravaged Chrysalia

By Michael Jamias
runes of magic chrysalia

The mysterious land of the elements opens in Runes of Magic next week with an open challenge from the Queen of the ant-like Myrmex.

Runes of Magic developer Runewaker Entertainment says the new explorable region for the fantasy online rpg will be a real force of nature.

“Thundering waterfalls, bubbling pools of lava, and huge ant-built structures will greet new adventures, replete with never before seen foes, plenty of new quests and a highly demanding instance,” it said in describing Chrysalia.

Dragons are endemic to Chrysalia, but the emergence of the Kulech, “a clan of exceedingly aggressive ant creatures” threatens to drive them out or push them to the brink of extinction. This is in stark contrast to the continent’s other Myrmex race, the Garon, who are “more peacable.”

Tomorrow, September 25, a new flythrough video will be released that takes a scan of the ancient region and “will give a first impression of the imposing landscape.”

Chrysalia lies on the coast of the continent of Kolydia, which translates into brutal storms that pummel into the region’s vast cave systems. For rpg adventurers, the new continent is ripe for exploration from the windswept seaside coves, to the Edliss Ruins to the south, to the more perilous areas like Bloody Battlefield and the new instance, Kulech Bones Nest.

“Fierce battle awaits against the Queen of the Myrmex, which will mark out the true heroes from the rest," the MMO developer warned.


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