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runes of magic server merge faq
The Runes of Magic server merge which was announced last year is firming up, with a full FAQ released last week. The Runes of Magic server merge FAQ answers a lot of questions about how the servers will be combined but there are still a significant chunk of undecided details. For example, we now have confirmation that the server merge will not affect the release of new updates for the mmorpg since the server merge will be an independent project...
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Feb 23 2015
runes of magic chrysalia
The mysterious land of the elements opens in Runes of Magic next week with an open challenge from the Queen of the ant-like Myrmex. Runes of Magic developer Runewaker Entertainment says the new explorable region for the fantasy online rpg will be a real force of nature. “Thundering waterfalls, bubbling pools of lava, and huge ant-built structures will greet new adventures, replete with never before seen foes, plenty of new quests and a highly d...
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Sep 24 2012