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  • Runes of Magic: character creation

    Runes of Magic: character creation
    Character customization screen where you choose from 2 races and 6 classes and even customize the size of all the characters body ...
    Runes of Magic: character creation

    Runes of Magic: early quests

    Runes of Magic: early quests
    There are many quests early out to help with increasing your level....
    Runes of Magic: early quests

    Runes of Magic: pet hunting

    Runes of Magic: pet hunting
    The pet hunting system is rather fun and can be done at low levels, making it possible to begin training your pet from early....
    Runes of Magic: pet hunting

    Runes of Magic: attack

    Runes of Magic: attack
    Dual wielding as your pet increases your attack speed make battles even more fun....
    Runes of Magic: attack

Runes of Magic - First Look

Runes of Magic - First Look

Developed by Runewaker Entertainment, Runes of Magic is arguably one of the most successful free MMORPG games released in recent years. Published in 2009 the game includes some innovative features, has won a large number of video game related awards and has also seen the release of a number of large content expansions.

One of the most exciting aspects of Runes of Magic is the dual class system. When players first create a character they get to select their primary class from Warrior, Scout, Priest, Knight, Mage, Rouge, Druid and Warden. Upon reaching level 10 players can then select a secondary class from the same list. Using dual classes allows players to specialize in multiple aspects on one character, so a knight that duals a scout will be able to use both melee and range weapons. Although players only get access to the primary classes specific skills, they do get the general skills from the secondary class. This system creates over 40 possible combinations of classes, making for a truly unique combat experience depending on the classes you choose.  

Runes of Magic also includes an innovative housing system. Players are able to purchase houses and decorate them with over 140 unique housing items, including everything from chairs and rugs to beds and room dividers. There are also plenty of storage options such as chests and mannequins, which can be equipped in your favorite weapons and armor. Lastly players can also use their house to craft, having all your materials stored so close in your chests, using your house as a crafting station is a great way to get your skills up quickly.

Runes of Magic has a large array of other features such as action packed PvP battles, a unique rune system to compliment your characters stats and abilities, item customization, dungeon raids, guild castles and much, much more.

By Rachel Rosen


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