Rumble Fighter punches in Reloaded update

By Michael Jamias
rumble fighter reloaded update

The MMO brawler basks in its biggest update to date in six years.

Publisher OGPlanet said the Rumble Fighter Reloaded update will dish out new in-game areas, bosses, items, events, a daily quest system and the social Plaza feature.

Watch the Reloaded update trailer below:

Rumble Fighter has gotten two new Battle Maps, Basseterre Bridge and Overpass, both of which are available to play in both Battle Mode and Rumble Mode - Arena.

Training receives a facelift, with players now being able to train on various maps, toggle training NPC settings such as movement and attack types, and recall training NPCs to their current location. These options allow for more customized and convenient martial arts training sessions.

Questing similarly underwent improvements, particularly in the progression leveling path to the endgame. Players also obtain better rewards for completing daily quests, making them a more compelling way to level and power up.

More social gamers will also appreciate the new Plaza location, gathering place for players to unwind, chat, and even go fishing. Designed to entertain players during their mob grinding downtime, the Plaza should become one of the most active community hubs in the free online rpg.

Launch events will be held from July 26th to August 2nd with rewards to be handed out for participants and even players who simply log in to the game for at least one hour.


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