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  • Rumble Fighter: practice

    Rumble Fighter: practice
    The tutorial will teach you about basic controls and combos. Remember: Arrow movements, Z for block, X for punch and C for kick....
    Rumble Fighter: practice

    Rumble Fighter: ui

    Rumble Fighter: ui
    Between battles, navigate this interface to find more fights or visit the store....
    Rumble Fighter: ui

    Rumble Fighter: 1v1

    Rumble Fighter: 1v1
    Time for our first fight, a 1v1 battle. Here we try to slide into MrRager but miss....
    Rumble Fighter: 1v1

    Rumble Fighter: boo

    Rumble Fighter: boo
    Battles are best of 3 matches. He beat us 3-0. Boo!...
    Rumble Fighter: boo

Rumble Fighter Gameplay

Rumble Fighter Gameplay

Rumble Fighter is a martial arts themed MMORPG available on the OGPlanet MMO portal. Rumble Fighter provides players with furious, fast-paced combat, with high-quality graphics and animations, making Rumble Fighter one of the most exciting MMO RPG games on the internet.

There are 5 available class types: Striker, Soul Fighter, Elementalist, Alchemist and Shaman. All of which are centered around some form of martial arts. Each class types offers multiple characters to choose from, all with their own unique set of skills and abilities. In a typical MMORPG way, players can improve their character by earning experience points. You earn experience points by defeating enemies, completing quests and participating in PvP. The more experience points your character earns, the more powerful they get, giving you access to stronger abilities, as well as increasing the power of the abilities you already have.

There are 23 highly detailed maps to play on, featuring a large variety of types, from fighting on the city streets of Tokyo to scaling an Aztec like temple. The huge variety of maps makes each battle unique, giving players a different combat experience each time they play the game.

Rumble Fighter provides a highly detailed item system combining modern MMORPG mechanics with in-depth customization options. There are hundreds of items available in the game, all of which effect the visual appearance of your character once equipped, creating thousands of possible character appearance options. Certain items, mainly Tops, Bottoms, and Gloves, can be customized further by using the enchant system. Enchanting items allows you to add various stat boosts and other effects to your equipment, creating a far stronger version.

Rumble Fighter includes 3 main match types, Battle Mode, Rumble Mode and Adventure Mode. Each mode is totally unique offering different challenges and rewards. The modes all feature a large variety of mechanics, such as a Zombie infestation game mode or a race against a moving screen. PvP and PvE options are available, from 1v1 fights to the death, to large-scale group fights against huge bosses, dragons and demons.

By Rachel Rosen


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