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  • Rosh online: classes

    Rosh online: classes
    The game offers a wide range of classes to choose from....
    Rosh online: classes

    Rosh online: cuztomization

    Rosh online: cuztomization
    Character customization is very limited and classes are gender locked....
    Rosh online: cuztomization

    Rosh online: graphics

    Rosh online: graphics
    Graphics are decent but the environments are very well made and nice to look at....
    Rosh online: graphics

    Rosh online: combat

    Rosh online: combat
    Combat is very generic for an MMORPG....
    Rosh online: combat

Rosh Online Gameplay First Look - HD

Rosh Online Gameplay First Look - HD

Rosh Online: The Return of Karos is a fantasy free MMORPG developed by Galaxy Gate and published by Ignited Games. Adventures take place in a fictional world called Asmara that was originally inhabited by simple folks organized into tribes. All things chanced with the arrival of the Rosh, a race of powerful beings, which brought knowledge and progress to Asmara natives but also ignited the taste for war. Rosh taught natives the secrets of weapon forging and great warriors rose to power, other tribes learned how to master fire and ranged weapons, some preferred the magic arts while their neighbors discovered gun powder and fire weapons. The thirst for war became more intense as each tribe became more powerful.

Rosh Online players are given 7 class choices: Paladin, Blader, Rogue, Bowmistress, Gunner, Sorceress or Mystic. There are multiple specializations for each class, some builts are for PvE, some work better when fighting against other players, there are enough play styles to choose from without having to roll another class. Like many other RPG games online, Rosh Online offers visual customization when creating characters and later on, players can select from different armor sets and outfits to build unique looks for their characters. Fletta system is one interesting Rosh Online feature. When players kill mobs, Fletta Points are gained. These points can be traded for recipes, patterns and materials that allow players to craft superior weapons and armors that can be further improved using Fletta enchants. Fletta is also used to gain Blessings (temporary buffs) and to boost attributes (stats). Rosh Online has a free PK (player killing) system, this means that players can engage in PvP actions at any moment but there is also a Moral Value system to punish PK harassment. Rosh Online has special content for players that want to take part in organized PvP events, massive guilds battles are also supported.

Fishing and mining are two Rosh Online non combat features that allow players to acquire rewards and useful items. The Fishmonger NPC will exchange your caught fish for Fletta gem shards or you can play a lottery like mini game for a chance at random items. Fletta shards and other crafting ores are gathered with mining. Rosh Online is a free RPG with a pet system, players tame mobs and customize them using the pet training system. Some creatures can be also used as mounts. Rosh Day is a small monthly celebration that lasts 24 hours. This day is filled with special events that give players a chance to interact with Rosh Online GMs and win special prizes from giveaways or Facebook contests.

By Rachel Rosen

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