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  • Rose Online: character

    Rose Online: character
    Rose Online has realitvely few customization options when you create your character. There are no classes, at least at first, so j...
    Rose Online: character

    Rose Online: quest

    Rose Online: quest
    The quest system is similar to most modern MMORPGs. Look for the ! or ? quest indicators. Quests do not appear on your minimap so ...
    Rose Online: quest

    Rose Online: combat

    Rose Online: combat
    Double click on enemies to begin autoattacking them. Active attack abilities are bound to your f keys. Look for new skills as you ...
    Rose Online: combat

    Rose Online: dungeon

    Rose Online: dungeon
    Dungeons are harder and full of higher level monsters. Avoid fighting 'purple level' monsters unless you wanto to experience a qui...
    Rose Online: dungeon

Rose Online Gameplay

Rose Online Gameplay

Rose Online (Rush On Seven Episodes Online) is one of the free MMORPG games developed and published by Gravity Interactive. Without a doubt, Rose Online most unique trait is the cute anime graphic style. There are tons of other anime games but, Rose Online has that certain something that brings players into a happy, careless mood. You can spend countless hours playing Rose Online and not even realize when time flies. Rose Online gameplay is RPG specific. Everyone starts with a character (different classes are available), customize it with skills and gear and complete PvE or PvP challenges. Rose Online landscapes and zones are beautifully created so players can even wander around aimlessly just for the sake of exploring and discovering new areas. Rose Online game world has 7 planets created by the almighty goddess Arua. Everyone lived in peace and harmony until the dark god Hebarn set his mind on world destruction. Luckily, Arua also created Protectors to defend the universe.

Rose Online has 4 main playable class types: Soldier, Muse, Hawken and Dealer. Each main class has 2 sub classes. Soldiers are strong armored melee fighters. They can specialize as knights or champions. The Muse uses nature magic. Those who choose Muse as their main Rose Online class can become cleric or mage. Hawken is a dps class type with scout and raider as sub types. Scouts are archers and raiders are rogues/assassins. Dealers are the best choice for players that prefer an economic development rather than the warrior path. Dealers can also wield weapons but their main characteristics are the ability to craft items and trading skills. Each player can customize its Rose Online character by improving stats and experimenting with the skill tree. Rose Online free online RPG economy is entirely player created. Trading items can be done directly between players or by setting up a personal vending shop.

Just like all MMO games, Rose Online encourages players to form parties to be able to take down stronger mobs and get better rewards. Players can identify mob difficulty by their name plate's color. Grey is the weakest and purple is the strongest. A Rose Online party can have 7 members. XP gain rate is faster when playing in a group. Players will see the world around them evolving and changing as they complete quests and rid Rose Online world of evil monsters. Not all fights are against AI controlled mobs. Players can engage in PvP battles. A party is required for Rose Online PvP fights. Rose Online item shop has a good variety of unique fashion outfits but also useful items.

By Rachel Rosen

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