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  • Rohan: fireball

    Rohan: fireball
    My dark elf tosses a fireball at that overgrown scorpion....
    Rohan: fireball

    Rohan: early quests

    Rohan: early quests
    I need to make that fireball better. Or should I try other spells? Decisions decisions....
    Rohan: early quests

    Rohan: The dark elf city

    Rohan: The dark elf city
    The spires overlooking the dark elf city. Being a D&D nerd, I always expect dark elves to live in the 'Underdark' but that cit...
    Rohan: The dark elf city

    Rohan: quest indicator

    Rohan: quest indicator
    The quest indicator is not quite the same as other games. Look for this symbol when searching for quests....
    Rohan: quest indicator

Rohan Gameplay

Rohan Gameplay

ROHAN: Blood Feud is a free online RPG MMO that originally launched back in 2008. Since then ROHAN: Blood Feud has enjoyed a number of large, content-based updates and expansions, and is now hosted and playable countries all over the globe.

ROHAN: Blood Feud features 7 races locked in war, Human, Elf, Half Elf, Dekan, Dhan, Dark Elf and Giant. Each race has their own starting location and quest progression route, with their territory protected by vast borders and patrolling dragons. Each race has access to 2 different classes, ranging from melee DPS to tanks and healers. Each class offers players a different approach to combat, using a large variety of skills and abilities.

PvP plays a large role in day to day life in ROHAN: Blood Feud, and some of the mechanics involved are nothing short of genius. Firstly there's the Township Battles, these are epic battles between 2 rival guilds. Guilds are able to attack any town within ROHAN: Blood Feud, waging civil war against the guild that currently has control. If a guild occupies a town, they gain a number of benefits and cannot be attacked for a week. The benefits include various treasure and gold bonuses as well as being able to tax all transactions within that town, earning the guild a large amount of in-game currency. This system creates a large amount of fast-paced PvP battles and generates furious rivalries between guilds, making it one of the most exciting PvP aspects in ROHAN: Blood Feud.

Another great feature to the PvP in ROHAN: Blood Feud is the Revenge system. PvP veterans will all be aware of what it feels like to be caught unawares, with a less than skilled player getting a few hits in while you're harvesting nodes or AFK (away from keyboard), revenge allows you to remedy that. Whenever you're defeated in battle the other player is added to an in-game hit-list, this hit-list stores the names of every character that has ever killed you. As soon as you respawn, you're able to teleport back to that player for a chance at revenge.

By Rachel Rosen

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