Pre-orders Begin for Rift Storm Legion Expansion

By Michael Jamias
rift storm legion preorders

Rift’s first expansion can be pre-ordered now ahead of its November 13 release, with each pre-order offering an exclusive cape and early dungeon access to Exodus of the Storm Queen.

Storm Legion expansion unlocks two new continents that will triple the size of the Rift world, according to developer Trion Worlds. The greatly enlarged game world will open up dozens of new locales for exploration, including Tempest Bay, a new shared stronghold for Guardians and Defiant faction players.

The expansion also raises the level cap to 60, which represents 10 additional levels that can be earned from completing swaths of new adventure content. Confirmed so far for the launch are 7 new dungeons, 3 raids, 1 Chronicle and legions of planar bosses, including a world-breaking Colossus.

Four new souls – one soul for each of the existing four callings in the online rpg – will also be added when the expansion hits. One of these new souls has been previewed as the Harbinger soul for the Mage calling, a battle-oriented caster that is capable of destructive melee weapon attacks and solid magic-powered defense. A new trailer for the expansion also confirms the names of the rest as the Tempest (probably Warrior), Tactician (Rogue) and Defiler (Cleric).

The plane-warping MMORPG also breaks new ground with Dimensions, a new housing-like feature, which allows players and guilds to own a sliver of Telara. More powerful items are also bound to flood the market with Grandmaster crafting, including new cape that endow wearers with combat boosts as well as a stylish new rpg accessory.


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