Closed beta for Rift Storm Legion begins October 5

By Michael Jamias
rift storm legion closed beta october

This coming weekend marks another watershed moment for Rift as it kicks off the first closed beta event for its Storm Legion expansion.

For three days beginning Friday, October 5 until Sunday, October 7, closed beta testers will be able run around the new Rift leveling zones of Pelladane, Cape Jule and the cross-faction city of Tempest Bay.

As of now, only pre-purchasers of the expansion will automatically receive access to the October 5 – 7 closed beta event. Pre-purchasers will also be an auto-include in future closed beta events. If Trion Worlds decides to hold a closed beta event every weekend until the grand launch on November 13, 2012, pre-purchasing the online rpg expansion could mean as many as six weekend sessions.

Pre-purchasers who also have active subscriptions to the MMO can even copy their characters over to the beta shard.

Aside from being one of the first in the world to explore the intriguing new lands, closed beta players will be able to customize their own Dimensions, a new housing feature that has long been requested and is now coming to the online rpg.

All four new souls will also be playable during the closed beta event, which should make the weekend quite jam-packed and thrilling with the overload of shiny new content.


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