Rift Song of Dreams update to launch November 6

By Michael Jamias
rift song of dreams

In one week's time you'll be serenaded by the new content in Song of Dreams aka Rift Update 2.5.

Trion Worlds will spend the next several days serving up teasers for this newest patch for the free online rpg. So far though the most it has confirmed is that there will be new dungeons, chronicles, slivers and Ember Isle mysteries.

What to do until then? Well, you could partake in the spooky Rift Halloween festivities. Like most mmorpg games, Rift is hosting all sorts of freaky activities for the season of souls.

Be prepared to see pumpkin-headed horsmen on flaming mares, and a cavalcade of costumes from the celebrating Telaran populace. The Rift Halloween trailer below shows off skull masks, animal headdresses and grim reapers, among other creepy costumes.

The Halloween-themed Autumn Harvest event ends on November 4, giving you just a few more days to complete the achievements related to the Halloween rifts, and collect the special holiday loot, including super-rare sets and artifacts. Spectral mounts also make a grand return this year, giving you another chance to score one of those gorgeously ghastly rides. You can also check out the Rift store where there are limited-time only grab bags and supply crates containing loads of goodies.


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