Save Silverwood & Freemarch in new Rift event

By Michael Jamias
rift silverwood freemarch event

Rift Ascended must mobilize to defend the Silverwood and Freemarch regions from a deadly siege.

Set for the week of June 26 to July 2, the event will cater to character levels 7 to 19 and will reward special hats, capes, and bonus planar currency.

Below is the list of special items you can score from the Save Silverwood & Freemarch event: Sapphire Ki Rin Mount. Defiant Crest Cape, Guardian Crest Cape, Twilight Jester Hat. Crimson Gothic Hat, Lesser Experience Vial, Lesser Token Tablet, and the Riot Torch.

Higher level Rift players are also encouraged to mentor down or even roll a new character to participate in the siege defense.

To help thwart the invaders, Rift developer Trion Worlds is offering powerful combat items at the cash shop.

These include handy Initiate equipment bundles which are basically starter gear for the online rpg, customized for your Calling and providing a slight edge against enemies.

Other featured items are the Patron Pass, which activates all the cool perks of a Patron membership; Deep's Supply crate; which can hand out pretty amazing loot on random; and The Experience Vial that cut down the leveling grind in the MMO.



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