Rift closes servers in Russia

By Tam Mageean
rift russia closes

A month ago, Russian Rift players woke up to the sad news that their servers were shutting down, and today, their time was up. The closure of Russia's Rift servers, according to the server's owners, was due to the Publisher/Developer, Trion Worlds refusing to support the MMORPG's localized versions. The European servers remain unaffected.

Russian players had already began trickling, gradually, onto the European servers; the Russian, third-party-run server operated on a subscription service, unlike the free to play Trion servers. However, due to regional server availability, and the language barrier, since the Euro servers don't support the Crylic alphabet, some players will have no means of getting back to Rift.

Belver Online, owners of the MMO's Russian servers have posted an apology on their website, and are hoping to soften the blow by offering rewards in their other games to players who have been evicted from their homes in Telara.

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If you were a member of the Russian servers, you will be rewarded by Belver, if you start an account on any of Belver's other supported games; Black Fire, Runes of Magic or Audition 2 . Simply email their technical support with your Rift username and your new name from the game of your choice and prizes and bonuses will be heading your way. No news so far on whether Belver have stayed true to their promise of providing a free transfer to the European servers for Russian players. Earlier this month they claimed players would receive equivalent characters, complete with their equipment and patron status on the official servers.

The Chinese localized servers, owned by Shanda Games are also scheduled to shut on November 15th too, for the same reasons.

Hopefully the reduction in service is just to focus the game overall, and not indicative of things to come in Rift.


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