Rift reveals how REX can net you free cash shop items

By Michael Jamias
rift rex free cash shop items

With Rift turning into a free to play MMO, developers want to make sure players can still buy some key items and services from the cash shop. Enter REX.

REX or short for Rift Exchange basically allows free players to earn Rift Store Credits, which is the official cash shop currency. REX is an item, and will be limited in quantity. Players of rpg games online like EVE and Guild Wars 2 will recognize REX as the equivalent of PLEX and Gems, respectively.

Rift makers Trion Worlds has said before that REX is a way to limit demand for third-party gold buying. Players who wanted to avoid the game grind would turn to gold sellers, and for more than a number of reasons, this is a practice that Trion Worlds wants to reduce.

How can REX do this? Cash-flush but time-deficient players can buy REX then sell it for Platinum via the auction house. Free players who have all the time in the world to farm Platinum will in turn buy the REX and convert it into Credits. Grind-averse players gain their stacks of currency while free players get to spend the Credits on cool cash shop items without shelling out cash. Everyone's a winner. And notice who is now missing in the equation: the third-party platinum sellers.

The danger though with REX is that the price is entirely dictated by the market. If there is high demand for it -- and chances are there will be at least for the initial months after the free to play conversion -- then it could be well worth it to buy REX. But it could also prove to be a loss for speculative buyers.


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