Pre-order new Rift expansion, save a panda

By Michael Jamias
rift preorder expansion panda donation

For each pre-order made this week for the upcoming Rift expansion, Storm Legion, developer Trion Worlds will donate $1 to panda conservation charity.

This is a cute and cheeky move. Cute because, frankly, everyone just loves pandas. And cheeky because it allows Rift to ride on the hype of Mists of Pandaria, the newly launched and heavily panda-centric World of Warcraft expansion.

Pre-ordering Storm Legion, the first expansion for the fantasy online rpg, also comes with guaranteed beta test access.

Storm Legion will expand the MMORPG with two additional continents whose central mission hub will be island city of Tempest Bay, the first shared stronghold for the Guardians and Defiant factions.

The expansion will also raise the level cap to 60. Players can climb those 10 additional levels by completing freshly minted PvE content, including seven new dungeons, three raids and a brand-new Chronicle. Planar bosses will also arise in the increasingly unstable rpg world of Telaria, which are screen-spanning foes that will take legions of Ascended to defeat.

Pre-orders can be made via the direct purchase website or via selected retailers. For those who transact through the latter method, community manager Elrar reminds that the retailer will provide a pre-order code that must be entered into your game account, and only then will the donations and beta invites be processed.


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