Rift makes premium mounts account-wide

By Michael Jamias
rift premium mounts account wide

The Rift community wanted it and they got it -- premium mounts in the free online rpg are now account-wide.

Trion Worlds said the change came in response to fan requests, many of whom have long groaned of buying an expensive premium mount for one character and not being able to use it on another.

The developers must have realized that this was preventing a lot of players from purchasing and collecting premium mounts, so they made the MMO rides a bit more appealing.

"Turning the 'all for one' approach to collecting mounts into 'one for all' is an idea that started in the Community and soon caught fire with alts across Telara. It’s one that we’re very happy to roll out and applies to all of the Premium Mounts you’ve purchased for credits or earned from boxes," said Trion Worlds.

To be exact, fans can now collect a large stable of 38 account-wide mounts with all other future premium mounts getting the same treatment.

Here's the full list of currently available premium mounts for your reference:

Amethyst Ki Rin
Black Dire Riding Squirrel
Brown Riding Squirrel
Ember Nebula
Frosty Budgie
Tropical Budgie
Golden Armored Spindrel
Red and Iron Empyreal Walker
The Reaper
Ruby Ki Rin
Glowing Amethyst Ki Rin
Glowing Emerald Ki Rin
Glowing Ruby Ki Rin
Glowing Sapphire Ki Rin
Cinder Hellbug
Gulanite Hellbug
Lavender Hellbug
Shadow Hellbug
Skittering Hellbug
Toxic Hellbug
Armored Black Tiger
Armored White War Tiger
Black Riding Tiger
Black Valmera
Bounding Devourer
Emerald Ki Rin
Ice Strider
Riding Behemoth
Shaper Beast
Stolen Eldritch Steed
Escalating Chestnut Horse Bridle
Escalating Bay Horse Bridle
Escalating Chocolate Horse Bridle
Escalating White Valmera Collar
Escalating Buff Valmera Collar
Escalating Frost Valmera Collar
Escalating Spotted Valmera Collar
Escalating Smoke Valmera Collar


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