Rift to release new souls in May

By Michael Jamias
rift new souls may

Trion Worlds further demolishes the concept of rpg class stereotypes in Rift -- such as Mages can't ever be tanks, or Archers can only use their bows for damage -- with the preview of the 4 new souls.

These new Rift souls will arrive this May, the just-confirmed release month for Rift 2.7: Bindings of Blood, and will be available to purchase as a bundle via the Rift store.

Rift four new souls art

Warriors can now heal to their heart's content with the Liberator soul, which uses magnetic fields to heal allies. You can even become proficient enough in the restorative arts to fill in as a main raid healer.

Meanwhile, Clerics who wish to fulfill a true all-around support role will be drawn to the new Oracle soul, described as a versatile casters that can cast boons, shields, heals, buffs and curses -- pretty much everything you'll need to keep a party strong and safe against any adversity.

Like the Warriors, Rogues have also discovered the path to healing with the Physician soul. These so-called alchemical archers shoot out heals and shields to friends, turning their bows from weapons of destruction into implements of salvation.

Last but not the least, the traditionally squishy Mages have found courage and tenacity to become arcane tanks by tapping into the Arbiter soul. Using storms to deal damage and ice spells to strengthen their defense, these mage warriors draw upon the elements to survive even the harshest of beatings the mmorpg throws their way.


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