Rift's New Mage Soul, the Harbinger, is a Melee Wrecking Ball

By Michael Jamias
rift mage soul the harbinger

Each of the four callings in Rift will receive a new soul when the new Storm Legion expansion hits the MMORPG. First to be revealed is the new mage soul, the Harbinger.

The Harbinger will fight primarily as a melee DPS soul, and brings some toughness to Mage calling builds of Rift. “One of the most awesome things about the Harbinger is the fact that it is a battle mage,” developers of the fantasy online rpg in the video below.

Fast forward to the 14:00 minute mark to catch the Harbinger reveal. There is also a demo of how this frontline mage soul swings an energy scythe to decimate a bear.

“Ancient technology fused with arcane planar magics allow the Habinger to summon amazing weapons.. The Harbinger actually transmutes his existing weapons, so the staves and books and daggers that mages normally use actually get changed into these powerful enchanted weapons,” Rift developers added.

The Harbinger shores up the weakest of the four calling archetypes by imbuing Mage builds which some much-needed survivability and utility, Trion Worlds said. While most online rpg games treat the mage as a glass cannon that can deal a lot of damage but dies quickly in close combat, Rift seems to want to defy this stereotype with the Harbinger.


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