Rift goes free to play

By Michael Jamias
rift goes free to play

Rift is doing away with mandatory monthly subs and making the entire game content free to play starting June 12.

In less than a month, Rift players will no longer have to pay to download the MMORPG or to log in to the game. There will be no pay wall model for content; all character options and zones will be available for free players.

Trion Worlds explains why their free-to-play model is so awesome in this new trailer:

Players can still choose to pay a monthly fee to become Patrons who will enjoy certain perks, including:

- +15% Currency (always on)
- +10% Mount Speed (always on)
- Daily Boost Set: Each day you can activate bonuses to the Experience, Notoriety, Favor, Prestige and Tokens you earn while playing.
- Daily Summons: Instant access to your banker, guild banker, and trainer. You'll receive access to these convenience features on a set cooldown.

Patrons will basically earn currency faster, move around the world at a quicker pace, and will be showered with convenient bonuses.

Rift will go free to play together with release of Update 2.3: Empyreal Assault, which rolls out a new zone, Chronicle and raid.

Trion Worlds said it jumped on the free to play trend that has been sweeping subscription rpg games online after it saw a shift in player attitudes. The company said the online gaming market, particularly in North America and Europe, has begun embracing free-to-play games.

No doubt it has also been emboldened by the financial success of SWTOR and other previously subscription-only games that have turned free to play in recent years.


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