6 major features coming in Rift's free to play Update 2.3 "Empyreal Assault"

By Michael Jamias
rift free to play update 2 3 empyreal assault

Trion Worlds runs down all the exciting changes coming in Rift update 2.3 "Empyreal Assault".

The Rift developer has listed six major improvements and content that will define the exciting new patch.

First, Rift is going free to play in 2.3. The once pay-to-play MMORPG will become a free-with-membership-optional title. Free players can access all the content and reach max level without paying a cent, but there will be Patron options for players who want to continue paying monthly for special in-game items and perks. The touted revolutionary REX trading system also hopes to solve the problem of third-party gold selling.

Second, the Dendrome area will be unlocked and along it new artifacts, events, and threats, including the Architects and Awakened. Third, players will have to hunt down three new open-world bosses in order to complete their weekly quests for token and infinity stone rewards.

Fourth, strongholds finally make their way to the free rpg. Take flight into these multi-level fortresses. The invasion fights in these strongholds are designed for at least 10 players and up to 70 players, so remember to bring along a pack of buddies.

The Queen’s Gambit chronicle and Grim Awakening sliver round out the list as new story-line driven PvE content involving the Awakened and crazy time shift scenarios.



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