Rift goes free on Steam

By Michael Jamias
rift free on steam

Steam players can finally play Trion Worlds' banner online rpg, Rift, for free.

Rift turned into a free to play mmo back in June but Steam users could not yet directly access the free version via the popular PC games download platform. Until now.

To mark Rift going free on Steam, the game studio has launched three special Rift Steam editions for users who want to begin their journey with extra perks and credits currency.

The $19.99 Rift Ascended Edition comes with 500 credits, a signature Tartagon Mount, a 24-slot bag, a Bogling Wastrel companion pet and a 15-day Patron pass, which provides temporary bonuses reserved only for paying Patron members.

The $39.99 Rift Patron Edition offers all of the goodies in the Rift Ascended Edition plus 1,750 more credits, a Spindrel mount, a Cyclone mount, a Mini-Regulos companion pet, a personal banker, a portable teleporter, faction tabards, and a 30-day Patron pass instead of a 15-day one.

Then there's the $99.99 Rift Ultimate Hardcore Patron Edition that offers everything from the Patron Edition but with 6,250 more credits, an Armored White Tiger mount, a Ghost the White Hellbug mount, a Votan Fragger weapon transmog and a 60-day Patron pass instead of a 30-day one.

For the extremely budget-limited fans, playing Rift for free is still a great option and will still offer pretty much all the content accessible to Edition buyers.


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