Rift 2.1 Endless Eclipse descends December 12

By Michael Jamias
rift endless eclipse patch

Next week, Rift will release Patch 2.1: Endless Eclipse, and usher in the return of Regulos and his burning revenge against the Ascended.

Heroes will tremble before the dragon Destroyer as they face him in a new 20-player raid “that spans the planes of existence,” said Trion Worlds in its preview blog post. Players will venture deep into Shapers Citadel, a gruesome fortress of horror that leads into the heart of the Plane of Death. Story-wise, the battle promises “a showdown with cosmic repercussions.”

The Endless Eclipse patch also brings on a new Chronicle which continues the epic saga of the Frozen Tempest campaign. Crucia takes the battle right before the gates of Tempest Bay, armed with a vicious armada of airships and a frightening doomsday device. It will be up to the Ascended to take up arms – and even enlist the help of goliaths – to repel her magitech army.

Rift also keeps up with other RPG Games in celebrating the holiday festivities. Alongside the new raid and Chronicle content, Trion Worlds will run the Fae Yule world event which will encourage mischief-making and reward seasonal items for the new Dimensions home-building feature.

Patch 2.1: Endless Eclipse is the first major content patch after the release of the MMORPG’s first expansion, Storm Legion.


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