Rift Dream Weaver update goes live

By Michael Jamias
rift dream weaver update live

Rift crafters and collectors should be pleased with the new Dream Weaver update, which brings in tons of tools and features for you to play with.

Foremost is the new namesake Dream Weaver crafting class, which lets you craft keys for 15 new Dimensions plus water, sparkles, smoke, special items and object-free lighting and particle effects. All in all, plenty of visually amazing additions to your virtual home in the MMO.

If you're more a destroyer than a creator, the Rift 2.6 update sates your slash-and-smash inclinations with a challenging Air Saga storyline. Remember Crucia?

Last we heard the Queen of Air was from the Frozen Tempest events, and now we see that she has been cooking up fresh antics in far-flung locations. Rift heroes get the pleasure of hunting her down once again and gaining powerful rewards for their efforts.

What else is there to hunt down? Other planar baddies under the new Bounty system! accumulate Exterminate these threats to get rare artifacts.
For a time there wasn't really a big incentive to collect artifact sets in this free online rpg, but the new update changes all of that.

Now you can earn titles, animal calls, Dimension trophies, cloaks and even an exclusive potions vendor by amassing those elusive baubles. Pet lovers also get a bone with new combat pet skins making their way to the cash shop.


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