Rift adds domination modes for 2 warfronts

By Michael Jamias
rift domination modes warfronts

Rift introduces domination modes for The Black Garden and Karthan Ridge.

In the latest Rift 2.3 hotfix, Trion Worlds asks gladiators to spill blood over strategic control nodes.

For The Black Garden, the mode will be available to players between level 10 and 60. Players will be asked to play a skirmish war over a couple of control nodes. This makes the action more concentrated and team-centric.

Meanwhile for the Karthan Ridge, only players between level 50 and level 60 will be able to access the mode. But with 5 control nodes to battle over, players will need to strategize more on how to split the team to capture and defend nodes in order to control the majority and win the match.

With Karthan Ridge though the task is not as simple as simply capturing 3 of the 5 nodes. Fans of the free to play mmo must consider that capturing nodes on the enemy side of the map yields more points. An ambush on the enemy base might be quite risky, but it will yield more reward especially if the team manages to safeguard it long enough to secure a win.

Aside from adding the Rift Warfront domination modes, the new hotfix also tweaks some zones in the free online rpg, adjusting the damage on several strong bosses like Commander Jorina, Orgathor, Ikaras and Tuveran. Great Hunt rifts for ranks IV and V also get a much-needed makeover, making them more exciting to play.


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