Rift unveils new Brevane continent starting tomorrow

By Michael Jamias
rift brevane continent reveal

In a two-part livestream, Rift developers will preview the dungeons and zones of the new continent arriving in the Storm Legion expansion.

“The ancient Brevanic wealth of technology stirs – and mutates – to life! Be the first to see it along with all the wonders of the new continent in two live stream reveals this week,” said the online rpg’s maker Trion Worlds. The live steams can be watched via the Trion Worlds Twitch.tv channel.

On October 30, Tuesday (2:30pm Pacific / 21:30 UTC), Rift fans will get a glimpse of the Brevane 5-mans: Empyrean Core, Golem Foundry and Storm Breaker Protocal. “Get a first look at the prototype golems and overland combat, mad doctors and mutated princes waiting to push your skills to the brink,” said Trion Worlds.

Three days after, on November 2 (2:30pm Pacific / 21:30 UTC) the focus will shift to the Brevane zones which are unlike those currently in the fantasy rpg. There will be “a guided tour of zones twisted by the minions of Crucia and overgrown by the Plane of Life.” Brevane, along with Dusken, are the two large continents that will be added to the mmo game once Storm Legion goes live November 13.


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