Rift 3.0 new souls and features revealed in livestream

By Michael Jamias
rift 3 0 new souls features

Latest developer livestream confirms what's coming in the Rift 3.0 expansion: New souls, companions and other cool stuff.

Rift developer Trion Worlds recently hosted a livestream on Twitch.tv where it confirmed some of the new souls coming in the new expansion. The Rift 3.0 new souls include the Support Cleric which will function as a full support such as the Bard. Also being added to the soul roster are the Healing Warrior, Tanking Mage, and Healing Rogue, the last of which will have true healing.

Companions are also set to play a much bigger role in the recently made free online rpg. How so? Companions will be able to gain levels and learn abilities. Some observant fans have noted that the expanded companion system shares similarities with the Pet Battle system in World of Warcraft, but it is too early to conclude until the fuller teasers roll out in the coming months.

Rift 3.0 also promises very extensive item advancement. Players will be able to create more customized weapon and armor gear, and shape the items to their specific souls and roles.

Also hinted at during the livestream is that the Rift 3.0 update will venture into the plane of Water, including but not limited underwaters zones and dream worlds. There are also slivers of hints dropped that player made dungeons may be coming to the mmorpg.


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