Rift 3.0 expansion confirmed free except for new souls

By Michael Jamias
rift 3 0 expansion confirmed free

Senior design director Simon Finch revealed that the Rift 3.0 expansion will only charge for its four new classes or souls.

Players will need to shell out a pretty penny for the four new Rift souls -- the Support Cleric, Healing Warrior, Tanking Mage and Healing Rouge -- which will be sold through the Rift Store. No price has been set yet for these upcoming classes.

But the rest of Rift 3.0 will be free to play to all players, said Finch in an interview with fan site Buffed.de. New additions will include a level cap raise to 65, an expanded companions system, and extensive item advancement through customizable weapons and armor.

Finch added that Rift 3.0 will likely be released as a downloadable-only content with no physical expansion box.

Developers are also looking at extending PvP matches inside dimensions, the housing system in the fantasy mmorpg. PvP dimensions will allow friends and guildmates to fight friendly matches inside.

PvP fans though should gird their wallets as developers plan to charge for items such as spawn set locations that create custom arena deathmatch PvP settings -- imagine choosing who gets invited and setting fight parameters inside dimensions. In this sense, developers have melded two of the most popular features in the online rpg into an exciting new feature.


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