Rift celebrates 2nd anniversary with Carnival of the Ascended revelry

By Michael Jamias
rift 2nd anniversary carnival ascended

Rift rolls out update 2.2 – also known as the 2nd anniversary update – that brings dragon piñatas, festive parades and special freebies to Telara.

Carnival of the Ascended makes a return to the online rpg but even more fun than ever, claims developer Trion Worlds. Players will be asked to collect glass beads, participate in pie-stomping and throwing competitions and skill-based contests that reward masks and mounts.

Rift update 2.2 also rolls out new convenient features for PvE and PvP fans. In PvE, raid groups can access Tier 3 planar attunement applicable to all six normal planes. Players can now store up to 16 planar charges, summon raid groups on demand, and equip epic sigils to create even more powerful weapons.

Meanwhile in PvP, Tier 2 planar attunement has been unlocked. Players can begin customizing their characters for optimal battle with increased Vengeance, Crit Power and other vital stats. For danger seekers, the Wheel of Fate alternative Warfront will also be opened in this newest patch.

Subscribers to the MMO also receive bonuses. From March 21 to April 4, all subscribers will get 20% increases on guild XP, normal kill XP, planar attunement, prestige favor, planarite, dungeon currency, and zone event currency. Basically a two-week, across-the-board game progress boost for subscribers.


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