Stop a multi-planar doomsday in Rift 2.4: Beyond Infinity update

By Michael Jamias
rift 2 4 beyond infinity update

It's a mad race to control the Infinity Gate as Rift players try to thwart the brewing colossi apocalypse.

Rift 2.4 aka the Beyond Infinity update has us slightly quaking in our adventurer boots with the Hive Queen moves to flood all the planes with her destructive titan-forged colossi.

Of course Telarans can't have that happening, and so the survival plan is to control the Infinity Gate, travel to the Plane of Earth and hopefully neutralize the Hive Queen's devious plan.

We have to hand it to Trion Worlds because this latest story and content arc for the mmorpg feels especially urgent and epic.

Even the new raids sound glorious. Infinity Gate raid, anyone? This magical corridor between the planes is chockfull of foes such as Breaker X1, Swarm Lord Twins Mordan and Viktus, and a Karthan juggernaut -- all standing sentinel over this plane-connecting gate.

Once you're done securing Infinite Gate, then there's Planebreaker Bastion raid. That's the base of the Hive Queen on the Plane of Earth where she is building a doomsday automaton, like the fantasy online rpg version of a rogue state developing a nuclear bomb. Only this one is hell-bent on wiping multiple planes at once.

The Beyond Infinity update also offers a lot of other content, including the new 5-man dungeon, Realm of Twisted Dreams, new PvP Rank 90 armor and weapons, fresh hairstyle colors and designs, and cross-shard instant adventures on-demand. Definitely a little bit of something for those non-raider types.


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