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How mmos are catering to quick gameplay
The speed with which people interact with the world has increased dramatically over the last century. Where once people rode horses, they now zoom around in cars. Waiting all week for a favorite TV show to come on the air has been replaced with binge watching through online streaming. This same change of pace from slow to fast has also occurred in the virtual worlds of online gaming. Players want to jump into the action quickly, and developers ha...
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Feb 16 2017
RIFT Forged in Flame update announced
The recent Starfall Prophecy expansion for RIFT added a ton of new content as well as a new world to explore, and now the online rpg is sending a heaping new helping of content to the players. The RIFT Forged in Flame update finds the players attacking the immensely powerful Lords of Fire to save their world of Telara. The centerpiece of the new update is the new Tartartic Depths raid.The new RIFT raid in Forged in Flame is a 10-man affair. T...
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Jan 31 2017
Top five RIFT Starfall Prophecy features
There's nothing like the release of a new expansion to liven up your favorite online rpg. People talk quite a bit about the joy of that new car smell, but I personally really enjoy the virtual equivalent of the new expansion smell. A really good mmo expansion ushers in not only a bunch of new content, but they also introduce new or updated features to the mix. RIFT has had several really intriguing expansions, and their latest, Starfall Prophecy,...
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Oct 18 2016
rift starfall prophecy preorders
There are expansions and there are premium expansions. The latter is where the Rift Starfall Prophecy expansion belongs to, the first ever for the online rpg, costing $39.99 and "dramatically" expanding the accessible game world. Starfall Prophecy not only expands the size of Telara with five new zones, two new dungeons, one raid and technical upgrades galore, but also lifts the player level cap to 70.You can also expect a shower of new craf...
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Aug 05 2016
Does mmo design work against players grouping?
Probably the best feature of mmorpg games is that a person is never truly alone in them. I remember when the first major online games came on the market, such as Ultima Online and EverQuest, and it blew my mind that you could form an mmo group with players across the country and even the world. This was a heady feeling, and it seemed that the mmo design of that era was implemented to force people to group together. The online games today are a di...
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Jun 15 2016
Is Scott Hartsman right about mmo players and f2p games?
There's no doubt in the minds of mmo gamers that free-to-play is the dominant force in online gaming. Practically every subscription-based game has either folded or converted to the f2p model of revenue. Some of games that made the transition from subscription to f2p mmo games were successful, while others were far less so. RIFT, developed by Trion Worlds, is one of the more successful examples, and many f2p players said that the original free-to...
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May 29 2016
rift 5th anniversary
Stock up the Gatorade and prepare for a hectic month ahead in Rift as the fantasy MMO marks its 5th anniversary. Trion Worlds will be piling on a bountiful spread of Rift 5th anniversary events, promotions and other player pamperings over the coming weeks. From now until April 5, players can start earning Rift 5th anniversary tickets by participating in zone events, clearing random dungeons and Warfronts, and taking on weekly crafting quests. ...
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Mar 11 2016
rift unicorn mounts unicornalia
Another unicorn fever will hit Rift starting this Wednesday, February 24, with the comeback of the Unicornalia event. Players can log in to join the Rift Unicornalia event, taking on quests that will earn them Sparkle Essences which can then be turned in for the majestic Onyx and Opal Unicorn mounts.The grand adventure to own these winged beauties begins in Meridian or Sanctum by conversing with Planar Research Institute representatives. Th...
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Feb 22 2016
rift 3 4 primalist calling
Awaken your wild side as the Primalist, the newest calling to be unleashed in Rift. The latest 3.4 update activates the Rift Primalist calling, which draws on Furry and Cunning to become a savage fighter, and is capable of unleasing a Primal Avatar to rip apart opponents. The Primalist is available via the Wilds Pack or the Primalist Calling Pack in the Rift mmo game store. The Rift 3.4 update also breaks open a massive new zone, another wicked...
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Oct 08 2015
Rift price change angers EU players
It's a fact that the world of mmo games is global. On one hand, such a phenomenon is great as gamers can throw down or adventure with other gamers from other countries. On the downside, economics can vary wildly from region to region, which can have an impact upon mmo pricing. Such is the case as Trion Worlds announced a Rift price change that will go into effect with Update 3.4 that will launch on October 7th. The result is that players from the...
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Sep 30 2015