RF Online Accounts Can Now Transfer to GamesCampus

By Michael Jamias
rf online account transfer gamescampus

Starting August 31, RF Online players can start moving their accounts to new host GamesCampus, and continue playing the game when it resumes normal service by September 6 at around 11:00am PST.

This means RF Online will be temporarily closed for a week as the massive account migration takes place for global fans of the online rpg.

“GamesCampus is committed to making a smooth, full transition for all interested players.” said Hubert Yee, Head of Marketing at GamesCampus, a popular online rpg platform. “Whether players wish to retain their old accounts or start over, we've got plenty in store for the rest of 2012.”

As mentioned, players can opt to create new accounts at GamesCampus instead of importing their old accounts. The mmorpg has opened a new server, Excelsior, to accommodate fresh recruits willing to start over or begin a brand-new journey.

“This new server will be available from September 6th to November 6th, and will not take transfers of veteran accounts.  Instead, players new and old will have a chance to start from scratch and compete with and against similar level friends and foes.  Eventually, Excelsior accounts will be merged into the central server to compete against the full pool of Rising Force players,” said GamesCampus.

Account transfers can be initiated here.

Looking forward, GamesCampus also announced that it will  be launching RF Online Patch 1.5 during Q4 2012.  “This new update has never been seen on the English version of RF Online, and players will be delighted with the fresh content and myriad of exciting changes, which will be revealed in the coming weeks.”


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