RF Online version 1.5 rushes into open beta

By Michael Jamias
rf online 1 5 open beta

Get to experience the new version of RF Online which features an improved balancing system and a new level cap of 105.

RF Online version 1.5 or known shorthand as RF Online 1.5 continues to focus on the raging conflict between the three races of Accretia, Bellato and Cora who are competing for the dwindling resources in the planet Novus.

RF Online 1.5 also carries the same distinct sci-fi fantasy and steampunk visual themes seen in the original RF Online.

What sets the new version apart is its more stringent balancing system that attempts to make each of the three races viable and competitive in the Race vs Race vs Race (RvRvR) fight format.

Character customizations have also been improved in the new version, which developers claim will now give players more freedom to create their mmorpg characters.

RF Online 1.5 enters open beta coming off an extensive closed stress test beta where it heavily tested bandwidth stability and solicited feedback on the new features or possible improvements

To encourage massive participating in the open beta, players will be given plenty of rewards, including Amazon gift cards, rare in-game items and GamesCampus currency that can be spent on the online rpg cash shop.


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