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rf online 1 5 open beta
Get to experience the new version of RF Online which features an improved balancing system and a new level cap of 105. RF Online version 1.5 or known shorthand as RF Online 1.5 continues to focus on the raging conflict between the three races of Accretia, Bellato and Cora who are competing for the dwindling resources in the planet Novus. RF Online 1.5 also carries the same distinct sci-fi fantasy and steampunk visual themes seen in the original...
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Apr 10 2013
rf online na servers
RF Online returns stateside as a free-to-play MMO under a new publisher GamesCampus by “late August.” The re-released version of the free online rpg will continue to serve up exciting PvP free-for-alls. “RF Online pits players into a massive three-faction nonstop battle that equips them with everything from swords to nuclear weapons,” said GamesCampus in a release. The sci-fi MMORPG also encourages political rivalry through its Archon leader sys...
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Aug 09 2012
rf online account transfer gamescampus
Starting August 31, RF Online players can start moving their accounts to new host GamesCampus, and continue playing the game when it resumes normal service by September 6 at around 11:00am PST. This means RF Online will be temporarily closed for a week as the massive account migration takes place for global fans of the online rpg. “GamesCampus is committed to making a smooth, full transition for all interested players.” said...
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Aug 31 2012