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    My elven Mystic is ready for her first step into this fantasyy-sci fi world....
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    Keep working on quests. You will need the gear at low levels....
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    RF Online: combat
    There are a few differences between this quick bar and others: You have to equip the spells and then add them to the bar. And you ...
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RF Online Gameplay

RF Online Gameplay

RF Online is a free mmorpg developed by CCR and published by CCR International. The setting is a world in the Novus solar system. Both technology and magic exist on this planet. Three races are at war here: Union, Allies and Imperials. Arcane is their common enemy. When starting a first character in RF Online you have to choose between 3 races: bellato, cora and accretia. The Bellato Union uses holy force and they have powerful armors. The Cora Holy Alliance has embraced shamanistic ways. The Accretia Empire is all about engineering and they don’t use magic at all.

RF Online rpg has a skill system. This skill system will allow players to customize their characters. The 4 primary skills are: melee, ranged, items and class. Each skill has 4 tiers: Beginner, Novice, Advanced and Expert. Melee and ranged skills advance when you use them. When enough points are gathered, the skill will go up by 1. Force is the RF Online term used for magic. There are 6 types of force: Holy, Dark, Fire, Aqua, Terra and Wind. Just like skills they have 4 levels. RF Online characters can improve their skill in a certain force by using related spells. Races have affinities for one or more types of magic. Players will use skills and magic to develop unique characters. RF Online mmo has 4 classes. Warriors are a melee class. Rangers are a non magic ranged class. The Spiritualist is a mage class. The Specialist has a support role in RF Online. Every character can have 2 roles. Roles can be swapped to adapt to certain situations. The level cap in RF Online is 55. There are certain level thresholds. When you reach a threshold your character gains a perk and it can access better items. For example, upon reaching level 13 characters can wear specialized class armor. Characters in RF Online gain XP by defeating monsters and completing quests. When they engage in PvP actions against other races, they earn Contribution. Players can complete PvP quests or kill other races to increase it. Contribution decreases if you get killed by members of the opposing races.

RF Online is a free rpg that pays special attention to PvP. There are neutral areas that serve as battlegrounds for regional wars. When a war starts everyone in that area is engaged in PvP. There can be ”free for all” types of battles or battles between guilds. The Chip War happens 3 times a day at fixed hours. The winning race gains control over the holystone and the right to mine it. RF Online also has a complex economic system. Each race has its own economics, tax rates and currency. RF Online is a free to play mmo with a cash shop where you can buy all sorts of items.

By Rachel Rosen


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