Revelation Online Trailer Shows Off First 6 Classes

By Michael Jamias
revelation online classes trailer

Revelation Online is gearing up for its Western release with a closed beta planned sometime this fall, and the promotions blitz has begun with the unveiling of its first 6 playable classes in a new trailer.

The Revelation Online classes trailer previews the line-up of heroes you will be able to play as when you dive into fantasy online rpg.

First to be shown in the video is the Gunslinger, a firearms specialist that rains down damage with her variety of shotguns, missiles and other ranged weapons.

For those who want to get up close and physical, the Vanguard appears to be a great choice with his tank abilities and melee combat expertise.

Lovers of the spell slinger-fighter hybrid will want to pick up the Swordmage, with her casting and ranged damage capabilities mixed in with a dash of swashbuckling prowess.

Meanwhile, the Spiritshaper is a dream class for players that want to summon gigantic creatures to the battlefield and also support their allies through life-saving heals.

Want a taste of the dark side? Then the Occultist offers you the path to deadly ranged damage and support options as a possible off-healer.

Swing in style and supreme confidence as the Blademaster, a peerless melee attacker and also an off-tank option with surprising agility and survivability.

Which of these mmorpg classes are you most looking forward to trying out in the upcoming beta?


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