Revelation Online Announces CBT3 Date and Releases Spiritshaper Trailer

By Jeff Francis
Revelation Online CBT3 announced

The process of bringing Revelation Online to Europe and North America continues. has announced the date for the upcoming Revelation Online CBT3, allowing players to once again return to the magical realm of Nuanor. One of the most interesting features of the next Revelation Online closed beta test is that there are no wipes, so mmo players can use their characters from the previous betas without any worries.

The Revelation Online CBT3 will begin on January 19th and last through February 2nd (3am PST). Players have a lot to look forward to in the new beta. The level cap has been increased to level 69 to allow players to try out new content.

The new PvE content for the Revelation Online closed beta test 3 includes: 3 new dungeons (Grand Bulwark, Machinarium, and Tower of Pain), additions to the existing scour dungeons, 3 new missions (Adventurer's Guild, Faction Bulletin Requests and Reason's Grief), a new map: Faerie Funland, 2 new events (Trivia God & Ninefold Assault), and badges. The new PvP content includes: Pirate Treasure: Death Island, 3v3 Ranked Arena, Death Match, Faction War, Territory War, and Merchant System.

If all new additions aren't enough to get you pumped for the next closed beta for the fantasy mmorpg, then perhaps the new trailer for the Revelation Online Spiritshaper class will. The new trailer is sure to tug on your heartstrings.

To take part in the Revelation Online CBT3, players will need to have a key from a Founder Pack. However, the game is offering 250 free beta keys on their Facebook page, so head over there and try to grab one.


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