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Revelation Online apartments
To quote the theme song from The Jeffersons, players of the Revelation Online mmo will soon be able to live in a "deluxe apartment in the sky." Player housing is finally coming to the game as part of the Safe Haven update. One of the core aspects of the new update is the Revelation Online apartments feature that allows players to purchase their own little piece of virtual paradise.The new Revelation Online apartments will become available to ...
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Jul 13 2017
Revelation Online CBT3 announced
The process of bringing Revelation Online to Europe and North America continues. has announced the date for the upcoming Revelation Online CBT3, allowing players to once again return to the magical realm of Nuanor. One of the most interesting features of the next Revelation Online closed beta test is that there are no wipes, so mmo players can use their characters from the previous betas without any worries.The Revelation Online CBT3 w...
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Jan 10 2017
revelation online the blademaster class trailer
Revelation Online kicks off its class reveals with a touching trailer for the Blademaster, teaching a valuable lesson in rage management. The Revelation Online Blademaster class trailer is a treat not only because of its longer-than-usual running time of four minutes, but also because of its revenge-and-redemption storyline.In the video, we meet a Blademaster student and his master training in the woods. But the student sets off on a rampage...
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Aug 02 2016
revelation online classes trailer
Revelation Online is gearing up for its Western release with a closed beta planned sometime this fall, and the promotions blitz has begun with the unveiling of its first 6 playable classes in a new trailer. The Revelation Online classes trailer previews the line-up of heroes you will be able to play as when you dive into fantasy online rpg.First to be shown in the video is the Gunslinger, a firearms specialist that rains down damage with her...
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Jul 23 2016