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Revelation Online is a MMO RPG developed and published by NetEase. The fantastic realm of Nuanor awaits its heroes and explorers. Players are given the possibility to create unique avatars by choosing one of the six available classes. Vanity items like costumes of all kinds and accessories make characters stand out from the crowd. Revelation Online classes range from wizards to warriors. Vanguard heroes are melee fighters with great defense. Blademasters can take on multiple enemies at a time in close quarters encounters. Gunslingers deal impressive single target ranged damage. Swordmages use a vast array of spells and incantations. Occultists are another type of wizards whose spell books contain damage over time and area of effect spells. Revelation Online also has a healer class. Spiritshapers use spells to support and heal allies. Occultists are capable of healing too but Spiritshapers are the number one choice for those who wish to play a healer.

Exploration is one core gameplay feature. Players can use mounts for traveling but they can also fly. There are MMORPG games that offer flying mounts but Revelation Online gives players the chance to fly on their own. After completing some quests and reaching level 29 players will grow wings that carry them all over Nuanor. Mounts are unlocked earlier at level 15. Fast travel is among the features as well. Players use their wings not just for traveling but also for spectacular aerial combat. There are separate ground and aerial combat skills so players will first have to train before engaging in such an encounter. Revelation Online has many PvE activities. Story driven missions can be completed in solo mode or in a group with other players. Group and dungeon quests offer a chance to level up faster by acquiring extra XP and rewards. Revelation Online has a handy look for group feature. Dungeons and raids are challenging scenarios meant for groups of five, ten or twenty players. Three difficulty modes allow players to experience extreme fights. World bosses are not to be missed either.

PvP fans can rest assured as Revelation Online has varied activities that require players to fight each other. Battlegrounds, a common feature in most RPG games online, allow players to engage in matches that support up to 60 combatants. Massive PvP is achieved with cross server battles. After level 40 players unlock open world PvP. Revelation Online also has duels, arenas and PvP seasons. Castle sieges and territorial battles complete the PvP gameplay. Other game systems include crafting, trading and lots of social features. Revelation Online is developed using BigBang game engine.

By Rachel Rosen


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