Requiem evolves with Rise of the Reaver

By Michael Jamias
requiem rise of the reaver

It's a fresh start for Requiem Online following Gravity Interactive's acquisition of development rights for the horror MMORPG.

The game will now be known as Requiem: Rise of the Reaver, shedding its "Memento Mori" subtitle and gaining several features in the namesake update.

The Rise of the Reaver update, which goes live on February 19, will set up a daily hub near Valdes, where players can access 28 new daily quests and 7 new story quests. But in order to unlock the daily quests, you must finish a task for the NPC Karen.

The Queen of the Frost Blade Clan, Wintriness, also arrives as the newest World Boss. Be careful of her cold-based attacks or you will end up succumbing to her icy fury. Defeating Wintriness should be a top priority for veteran characters level 87 and up because of the fantastic new accessories this frozen-hearted boss drops as loot.

The online rpg also gets more Xeons and recipes. Players can obtain the new Xeons from the Xenon Order Supply Manager Solistia and upgrade them to raise their power level a few more notches.

Fans can rewatch the recently finished Rise of the Revear preview at


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