Requiem Online unfreezes Daughters of the Frost Blade update

By Michael Jamias
requiem online daughters frost blade

It's the start of a new multi-arc saga for Requiem Online.

MMO developers have released the Requiem Online: Daughters of the Frost Blade update, the first in what will be a year's full of patches threading the story of the new Hammerine race.

Here's an rpg lore excerpt that gives you some background on this freshly discovered species:

To the Ioxenic Branch of Ancient Civilizations:

New sub-species of the Hammerine genus has been Discovered. From the thawing glaciers of Nightmare Crescent emerges a new and unknown race of Hammerine. I’ve collected samples regarding this race and have concluded that they are from the post Thanatos Tragedy Era. While the pitiful common folk in this area have concluded that the species is hostile, I have regarded their opinions as superstition. I will continue to try to observe them from afar. They are located in the near vicinity of Old Valdes, so getting supplies should be no problem  

- Professor Helium

From the letter, we get a sense of the general story -- where the general populace is wary about anything unknown. But with the help of an open-minded scientist, the Hammerine just might turn out to be a key ally for our Requiem Online heroes. But then again, it might result in a very wrong -- and very dead -- professor given that Requiem Online's reputation as a dark online rpg.

In terms of content, the update delivers a new daily hub filled with daily and story quests, plus there's a new Requiem Online World Boss that's begging to be taken down: Wintriness, the Queen of the Frost Blade Clan, who will drop level 87+ accessories and other rewards.


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