Requiem Online adds a raid, raises level cap to 90 in January update

By Michael Jamias
requiem online altar of sacrifice january update

Requiem Online fans will square off against three ancient gods and race to hit level 90 in the Altar of Sacrifice update.

Scheduled to be released on January 15, the Altar of Sacrifice update will pit heroes against gods seeking revenge for their long imprisonment.

“Deep beneath the Secret Temple lays a dormant power hidden for ages. Loose scripts have told of god-like beings ruling for a moment in time during the Dark Ages… The three god-like beings were to be forever forgotten… that is until foolish explorative Temperions gained access to it,” narrated Requiem Online developer Gravity Interactive in its lore description of the new raid.

Those who brave the unknown depths and defeat the sinister threats lurking there will be rewarded with new Nightmare Accessories sets and other powerful endgame raid items.

The Altar of Sacrifice update also raises the level cap in the free online rpg from 85 to 90, and bestows 7 new skill points for players to enhance their combat builds.

 “This update will be one of the first of many that will come in this year. 2012 has been a great year with us, especially with Facebook. Players all over the world can now access to one of the bloodiest MMOs out there and we’re thrilled to have them,” said Denny Kwon, Producer for Requiem at Gravity Interactive US Office.

“The Altar of Sacrifice update will contain an all new area where players will face off with lots of customization, all new Raids, and tons of new weapons and items for our players to discover, compound and show off,” he added.


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