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requiem online steam launch
Requiem Online has cast its dark M-rated MMO shadow to the lands of Steam, arriving on the platform today.As with other rpg games online that brave the Steam frontier, Requiem Online's developers were looking to expand their player base and glean more insights on how to improve the game. “As avid Steam users ourselves, we know that this platform can bring great potential to our game not only in obtaining a whole new audience, but also in tha...
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Mar 06 2015
requiem online rage of voxyon
Nothing's more dangerous than a monster trapped in a corner, most especially a dragon! That's the painful lesson Requiem Online heroes will learn when they challenge the newly awakened and namesake frozen broodmother in the Rage of Voxyon update, which is now live.The harrowing tale begins when the barrier that leads to Voxyon's lair weakens and adventurers stumble upon the icy threat. Voxyon slayers will not only need to master her tricks of...
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Aug 19 2014
requiem online daughters frost blade
It's the start of a new multi-arc saga for Requiem Online. MMO developers have released the Requiem Online: Daughters of the Frost Blade update, the first in what will be a year's full of patches threading the story of the new Hammerine race. Here's an rpg lore excerpt that gives you some background on this freshly discovered species: To the Ioxenic Branch of Ancient Civilizations: New sub-species of the Hammerine genus has been Discovered. F...
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Feb 24 2014
requiem rise of the reaver
It's a fresh start for Requiem Online following Gravity Interactive's acquisition of development rights for the horror MMORPG. The game will now be known as Requiem: Rise of the Reaver, shedding its "Memento Mori" subtitle and gaining several features in the namesake update. The Rise of the Reaver update, which goes live on February 19, will set up a daily hub near Valdes, where players can access 28 new daily quests and 7 new story quests. But...
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Feb 15 2014
requiem online altar of sacrifice january update
Requiem Online fans will square off against three ancient gods and race to hit level 90 in the Altar of Sacrifice update. Scheduled to be released on January 15, the Altar of Sacrifice update will pit heroes against gods seeking revenge for their long imprisonment. “Deep beneath the Secret Temple lays a dormant power hidden for ages. Loose scripts have told of god-like beings ruling for a moment in time during the Dark Ages… The three god-like ...
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Jan 10 2013