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  • RequiemOnline: character

    RequiemOnline: character
    Choose your character when you start playing Requiem Online. There are 3 races to choose from, and 2 classes per race....
    RequiemOnline: character

    RequiemOnline: Horror

    RequiemOnline: Horror
    Horror and blood are at the heart of the Requiem Online experience....
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    RequiemOnline: World
    Requiem Online is an open world experience....
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    RequiemOnline: Pets
    Earn Pets and other abilities as you progress through Requiem Online!...
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Requiem Online Gamplay

Requiem Online Gamplay

Requiem Online or Requiem: Memento Mori is a dark themed online RPG developed and published by Gravity. Requiem Online tells the story of a continent, Ethergia, thorn by a war between several races. Sci - fi blends in with fantasy and horror themes to create a dark game world. To stay true to this dark theme, Requiem Online uses its own graphic engine that displays very detailed combat and kill animations. Players should get used to seeing heads rolling and chopped off limbs. Requiem Online has a day/night cycle and time system. Mobs types and spawning time vary. Players can personalize their characters with skills and equipped gear. Items can be upgraded with various enhancements. Requiem Online beast possession system is a game feature that allows players to become more powerful in combat.

A Requiem Online account supports 8 characters. These are known as Temperions in Requiem Online terminology. It's a good idea to take time and browse through each class info so you have a clearer view on a class play style. Physical details like hair style, face or body constitution can be customized too. There are 5 main stats: strength, dexterity, intelligence, spirit and HP. Each Requiem Online class has different starting stats. In most cases, the stat with the highest starting value is the most important for that class. Because each class belongs to a certain race, there is a small background story for Requiem Online RPG classes. Requiem Online has 4 fictional races: Turan, Kruxena, Bartuk and Xenoa. For each race there are 2 main class choices. Each class choice further splits into another 2 sub classes. Requiem Online has a total of 16 race/class combos. Combat style and usable weapons are different for each class. Some classes rely on magic, others on physical damage. Players can choose a melee fighting class or a ranged one. As characters advance, more abilities become available. To learn a new skill, players must first get skill points. DNA skill points are used to learn special DNA skills.

One of Requiem Online greatest PvE challenges is nightmare monster hunting. To take down these powerful mobs, players must team up and form hunting parties. Requiem Online has PvP battlegrounds for those who wish to test their skills against human players. Special vendor NPCs sell PvP related items. Players can keep in touch with their friends by adding them to Requiem Online buddy list. Each zone and guild has its own chat channel. Requiem Online events are held each month or once every two weeks. For maximum portability, Requiem Online free MMO can be also played as a browser game or as a Facebook app.

By Rachel Rosen


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