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By Michael Jamias
remnant knights streaming kalydo app

Remnant Knights has adopted the Kalydo cloud streaming app that removes the need to download the big initial client.

Players of the fantasy free online rpg can simply download the small Kalydo app, and get right into the game, circumventing the need to download the 1GB client.

Remnant Knights publisher GameSamba said offering this new instant-play cloud app has enticed more players to start logging in.

Conversion from “registration to login” has increased by nearly 50%, according to the mmo games publisher, after it replaced the 1GB client download with the streaming Kalydo app.

“With Kalydo our gamers have more options to play and can get into the game much faster,” said Dr. Scott Wong, president and co-founder of GameSamba, adding that the app can be played from both the desktop and the browser.

Another advantage the Kalydo app provides Remnant Knights is that during updates, players can skip waiting for the long patch download and continue playing the latest version of the game.

GameSamba explained that Kalydo's cloud game technology is based on “file streaming” instead of “video streaming” such as Gaikai and OnLive. Kalydo utilizes the processing power of the end user’s devices which makes it a low-cost solution with no latency issues for players.


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