Remnant Knights to get Full Metal Alchemist gear

By Michael Jamias
remnant knights full metal alchemist costumes items

Costumes and items from the popular anime series Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood are heading to Remnant Knights.

Developer GameSamba said it will begin rolling out the anime-inspired costume sets starting next week on July 24.

Watch the trailer below which shows the preview of the cross-over content making its way from the anime to the MMO:

The new Full Metal Achemist costume sets will allow Remnant Knights players to cosplay as their favorite characters such as the brilliant main protagonist Edward Elric, Roy Mustang, Winry Rockbell, Major Armstrong, Lust, and Greed.

Players will also be able to decorate their dorm rooms in the free online rpg with choice items imported from the anime series like a Fullmetal bed, a framed wall poster, an alchemy circle rug or an Alphonse plushie.

Remnant Knight fans will even be able to travel through the Kasmari in a cool Alphonse Eric mount.

Players can start collecting the Full Metal Alchemist gear by purchasing bundle packs, such as the Resembool Pack with Winry and Ed costumes and the State Alchemist Bundle which comes packed with the entire collection.

GameSamba also assured fans that all the items were made in partnership with FUNimation and Aniplex, so a purchase of the items will support the creators of the anime.

The costumes, mount and other items will only be available though until August 28, so players should budget ahead for their desired bundle packs.


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