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remnant knights full metal alchemist costumes items
Costumes and items from the popular anime series Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood are heading to Remnant Knights. Developer GameSamba said it will begin rolling out the anime-inspired costume sets starting next week on July 24. Watch the trailer below which shows the preview of the cross-over content making its way from the anime to the MMO:The new Full Metal Achemist costume sets will allow Remnant Knights players to cosplay as their favo...
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Jul 18 2013
remnant knights streaming kalydo app
Remnant Knights has adopted the Kalydo cloud streaming app that removes the need to download the big initial client. Players of the fantasy free online rpg can simply download the small Kalydo app, and get right into the game, circumventing the need to download the 1GB client. Remnant Knights publisher GameSamba said offering this new instant-play cloud app has enticed more players to start logging in. Conversion from “registration to login” h...
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Apr 25 2013