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  • Remnant Knights: skills

    Remnant Knights: skills
    As you level, place points into skills to learn new spells or upgrade ones you already have....
    Remnant Knights: skills

    Remnant Knights: quest

    Remnant Knights: quest
    Follow the arrows to find your tracked quest....
    Remnant Knights: quest

    Remnant Knights: hover

    Remnant Knights: hover
    Your hoverboard is your 'mount' in Remnant Knights....
    Remnant Knights: hover

    Remnant Knights: spells

    Remnant Knights: spells
    Most abilities seem to damage in an area effect. That makes it easier to kill groups of monsters....
    Remnant Knights: spells

Remnant Knights Gameplay

Remnant Knights Gameplay

Remnant Knights is a free online RPG MMO aimed towards a teenage audience. Remnant Knights includes a vast array of exciting features, from the school based progression system through to the in-depth PvP and pet mechanics.

There are 2 rival schools in Remnant Knights, the Dragon school and the Owl school, with each declaring their allegiance to either magic or science. Players must choose to align with one of these schools, which will become the faction that they represent in PvP. Each school has access to 3 Circles, which feature as the class system, the options are Gunner Circle, Magic Circle and Fighter Circle, with each following range DPS, nuke and melee archetypes. Each Circle has access to at least 2 different majors which allows players to specialize their main Circle into more specific sub-jobs.

Remnant Knights also includes an in-depth collection and activity system. Fishing is one of the most popular activities in Remnant Knights and is accompanied by a great little mini-game. Players must first purchase a rod and some bait and then find a viable fishing spot. After casting the rod a mini-game begins that combines patience with skill, players must first wait for a bite and then press the appropriate key before the fish escapes, the same system then applies to rob the fish of it's strength and reel it in. Fishing is a progressive skill that improves as you use it, unlocking higher quality rods allowing players to catch more expensive fish. The other aspect of the activity system is the ability to collect almost anything. Players are able to pick up and use a huge variety of items such as Gems, Plants and other items that grow in the game world.

Once players reach level 15 in Remnant Knights, they're rewarded with their very own Dorm, a customizable living space where players can add a huge variety of items such as furniture and decorations. Dorms can be locked for privacy or opened to the public, allowing players to host parties and other social events. There's also a guestbook feature so that visitors can leave you a message if you're not at home.

By Rachel Rosen


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